Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pet Peeves

To the guy in the shitty Dodge that cut me off on my way to work yesterday,

Although you made the shrewd decision to purchase the P.O.S. Dodge sedan, you must have some basic knowledge of how to drive or else you wouldn't be driving, right? I mean, most people have a passing acquaintance with the rules of the road and an inkling of an idea of what all the pretty lights and buttons on their dashboard do, don't they? I'm asking because apparently you either

A) purchased a vehicle without turn signals, or
B) are not acquainted with said turn signals and the amazing task they perform

because you NEVER USED THEM THIS MORNING WHEN YOU CUT ME OFF, nor did you use them when you cut off the motorists in the other 2 lanes as you careened around the corner and "merged" into the left lane. I used quotation marks around the word merge because I'm not sure that I can legally (or in any other way) call what you did a merge -- more like a drunk staggering out the door at closing time.

So, just a hint: use your turn signals. They can be hard to spot at first, but please take the time to look for them. And when you do find them, jam them up your ass.



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