Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"He squeezed out a rebel"

Reason #1 why I love my husband: We get each other's sense of humor.
Case in point: The other day my husband was watching The Boy while was out for a little r&r with a friend of mine. When I returned (refreshed and ever so grateful that I have a husband who actually encourages me to go out drinking with my friends!) he gave me The Boy update - you know, what he ate, if he'd been cranky, etc. He ended his little narrative with this little gem:

"He squeezed out a rebel so when I finally changed his diaper he had a little rash. Just FYI."

At this point I turned to him and, because I was laughing so hard, the water I'd been drinking shot out my nose and sprayed across his shirt.

Me: "Squeezed out a rebel??? You mean he had a dirty diaper?"

Him: "Sort of, there was just one rabbit pellet-like poo that had migrated up to the front of his diaper."

Me: "Did you make that up or did you hear that somewhere?"

"Yeah," he replied, "I just made that up."

I love this man!


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