Thursday, January 13, 2005

21 months old today!

The Boy celebrates his 21-month birthday today. People without kids (and remember I was one of y'all not too long ago!) are going to be scratching their heads trying to figure out why parents insist on giving their young children's ages in months instead of just saying "he's almost 2." I too scoffed at the month-by-month updates when I was a free-spirited, childless, hedonistic young woman who could stay up past 10:00 pm without feeling like crap the next day. Now though, I completely understand. When they're babies you go through this daily love-hate relationship with them that so fries your brain that when you realize you have both survived another month together you get giddy. You think back to the day your baby was born, the day you came home from the hospital, that first diaper change after you got home from the hospital, the first sleepless night after you got home from the hospital, the day you realized they forgot to give you the instructions for this screaming, shitting, crying, nipple-biting bundle of joy and that you are COMPLETELY on your own.

So, that's why I still celebrate the monthly anniversary of my son's birth. I love every part of him from his yogurt-smeared cheeks to his feet that he refuses to have unshod for more than 15 minutes of the day. So in honor of The Boy's 21-month birthday here is a list:

Favorite Book: Daddy and Me
Favorite DVD: Shrek (G-d help me we've seen this so many times I recite lines from it in my sleep, but he loves it and it buys us at least 45 minutes of quiet time)
Favorite outdoor activity: the slide
Favorite food: vanilla yogurt, teddy grahams, Life cereal, grapes
Favorite time of the day: mornings (this is the only reason that The Man and I think he might have been switched with some other baby in the hospital because no child with our combined genes should be this happy in the morning!)
Favorite TV show: the Weather channel morning addition - The Boy just can't get enough of all those numbers going across the screen!
Favorite toy: the Megablock truck - no bells and whistles, just 4 wheels on a lego. Go figure.

All the love in the world!
Mom & Dad


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