Monday, January 24, 2005

"I'm Not 'The Boy', Not Yet a Woman..."

It had to happen sooner or later. The Boy has been forcibly re-assigned to a regular bed. Yep, no more crib for him! He pulled his latest Steve McQueen(a.k.a The Cooler King) impersonation on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon The Man and I had his crib disassembled and in the garage. The phrase "he's not happy about it" fails to adequately describe The Boy's displeasure. Even though his father and I spent all Saturday (well, it FELT like a long time!) shopping for the perfect mattress (not the cheapest set, but not the fucking astronaut-memory-foam-that-we-might-be-able-to-pay-off-before-he-goes-to-colllege either!) , and even though we thoughtfully placed the mattress in the living room for the rest of the afternoon so he could get used to it and see us lounging on it, and even though we bought suitably non-emasculating blue-and-white striped sheets (NOT the Strawberry Shortcake sheets that I could have bought!), he was still NOT AMUSED. We kept putting him on the mattress, and he kept getting up and running for the door. Each time we put him back down he screamed a little louder. Until we finally gave up and just closed the door -- on our ONLY child, the love of our lives, the sweetest little boy in the world. Yep. Somewhere between The Bradys and The Manson family lies...Us.

(For those of you who care - or for those who want the details before you call CPS... Yes, he did eventually sleep. No, he did not sleep on the mattress. He slept on the floor, in the corner, clutching his blankets like a homeless person.)


Blogger The Cybrarian said...

Homeless person, that's so sad! we just put our crib in the basement too... daughter's 3 1/2. She hasn't slept in it for ages, but it was handy to have in the room because I could always use it as a threat... "if you can't sleep in the big-girl bed, you'll have to sleep in the crib like a little baby!" Which I got a lot of flak for.. "I can't believe you're threatening your child with confinement!" But so far so good, though not much luck enforcing the "don't come into my bed until it's light out" rule. She does at least to wait until I'm totally asleep, then I wake up and there she is sticking cold feet on me. Oh well.

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