Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Don't You (Forget About Me)"

I am not ashamed to admit that I OWNED this particular soundtrack (on cassette no less -back in my day we didn't HAVE CD's sonny!). I probably still have it somewhere under the piles of mix tapes I made as a moody teenager with a dual-deck cassette recorder and too much time on her hands. Yep. Angst-ridden dweebs like me had a LOT of time on our hands to make brooding mix tapes filled with spoken word poetry interspersed with saccharine-filled pop songs by such stunning lyricists as Simple Minds, Howard Jones, and OMD.

Anyway, this particular song has been playing in my head all morning as I wait for word from our tech guys about the fate of one of my computers. One of the computers in the (EXTREMELY) busy lab I run as my karmic penance for some past-life misdeed has been in their tender care for over a week. I keep calling them to check on it, you know, to see when it can come home. The tech guys don't care, though. I think they fixed it long ago, and now are just hiding it in their office to torment me. Evil, evil tech guys. Now I must torment YOU by leaving 1,000s of messages on your voicemail with The Breakfast Club soundtrack in the background! Muhahahahahaha!


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