Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More Incredibly Inane Things to Ponder...

...while I waited in the Line of the Damned at our local sandwich shop that's just too convenient to where I work that I put up with the inexplicable lines at 3:00 in the afternoon. You know the one, it's name starts with S and ends in Y and the inside is painted a yellow so bright it will make you sterile if you stare at the walls for more than 15 minutes?

Well, as I stood in line between the crazy artist type and a nursing student who was about to leap over the counter and strangle the hapless trainee who couldn't keep our orders straight to save her life (believe me she almost died this afternoon amidst the shredded lettuce and 4 different kinds of cheese), I had plenty of time to ponder one of the more puzzling news stories I'd run across earlier in the day:

I heard on the news this morning that Scott Peterson has been receiving quite a lot of marriage proposals whilst sitting on death row. Yes, you read that correctly. Scott Peterson, the man convicted of murdering his WIFE and unborn SON and who has been sentenced to die by lethal injection, has been getting proposals from women who have read about him or seen him on TV.

I know, I know, this happens all the time to death row inmates. Crazy women write to them and want to marry them. I'm sure there's a whole field of psychology that deals with this issue. I have a name for this particular psychosis that I came up with all by myself - no psych degree for me - it's called: Really Fucking Stupid or RFS for short. It's not new. I'm sure it's been around for thousands of years - maybe even millions of years. That's it! Maybe these "death-row groupies" are throw-backs to the Neanderthals and they're not RFS, they just never evolved enough to develop a regular brain like the rest of us. Of course, I'm aware that I may be offending the various Neanderthal Rights groups by lumping them in with these crazy bitches. If so, I apologize.

It boggles my mind how any sane woman would offer herself like a salb of meat to this butcher. Because let's face it, that's what he is. He murdered his pregnant wife, hid the body, fucked his mistress, and blithely carried on with his life. He seemed genuinely shocked when the police started to suspect him. I was pregnant at the time this case was all over the news so I admit that this became way too personal to me, but it still turns my stomach when I think of what he did. I find him so repulsive that I'd like to see the old "death by firing squad" method brought back for one special encore performance.


Blogger CCF said...

Firing squad? You are a softy. Quick, painless, no muss, no fuss. Surely there are better ways that take a much, much longer time.

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