Thursday, March 10, 2005

PDAs, I'm not talking about the yuppie-swine-loving"let's do lunch"-type Personal Digital Assistant. I'm talking about Personal Displays of Affection, you know, the behavior that got you detention in high school when your guidance counselor caught you making out with your boyriend before homeroom. Or when your little brother spied on you for hours trying to get a glimpse of you lip-locked with your boyfriend just so he could shout, "EEEWWWW!" Ahh nostalgia! Now I'm the one shouting "EEEWWW!" and shaking my head in disgust at those young whipper-snappers engaged in public tongue orgies.

Today I was forced to witness two young lovers exchanging wet, sloppy kisses in front of my office building. Now, I know that passion can just overwhelm your senses (and good judgment) at any time! Boy, do I know that! Why the fuck do you think The Boy looks like the mailman? (Just kidding honey!) Is it really necessary, however, to proclaim your love / lust to the whole world by slobbering all over the newspaper stands in front of the main entrance to my building? Geez, if this is what's going on outside the building I REALLY don't want to take the stairs anymore.


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