Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Life Is a Bad 80s Song...

"Went to a party last Saturday night
didn't get laid got in a fight, uh-huh
It ain't no big thing
Late for my job and the traffic was bad
Had to borrow 10 bucks from my old man, uh-huh
It ain't no big thing."

...well, the last part is true. The first part about going to a party is more like wishful thinking. I guess 80s hair-metal-rockers probably weren't too interested in writing songs about laundry or how to remove vomit stains from carpet. Although with the amount of vomiting some of them did after long nights of partying maybe they should have included that in their lyrics.

No, if my weekend were turned into a Lita Ford song it would have gone something like this,

"Went to the store on a Saturday night
Didn't have milk or food-that-my-toddler-would-actually-eat-rather-than-
spitting-out-like-a-crazed-llama, uh-huh
It ain't no big thing
Late for work cuz my cat threw up
Had to spot clean the rug and clean up poop, uh-huh
It ain't no big thing."

(Sounds like a gold record to me. Quick! Someone call K-Tel records!)


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