Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What Others Are Saying About Blogs

I'm always interested in reading articles about blogs, blogging, the blogosphere, etc. This article peaked my interest because he explores some of the issues of why people (like me) blog -- and why we don't blog. Why are some bloggers compelled to explain to their readers why they don't blog every day? Why must we offer excuses for not posting witty (or not-so-witty) remarks each day? Who cares anyway? It's not like we're submitting this for a grade. No one is paying me to write this stuff. Anyway, I can't imagine what sick fuck would pay for this dreck.

Blogging to me is a form of mental masturbation. I get off on it. Notice I didn't say it's like sex. That's because it's all about me. My needs. My words. My bizarre thoughts. Me. Me. Me. Get it? If it were like sex I would ask what you as a reader wanted. I might even make you breakfast or send you off with cab fare after each post - depending on the quality of the post and the comments, of course.

That being said, however, I do like knowing there are people out there who read my posts and care enough to comment. I like to know if what I've written makes you laugh / cry / spew milk through your nose / etc. (You don't have to tell me, however, if my prose bores you to tears because that's a blow to my fragile ego, ok?) Does this make me a closet exhibitionist? I dunno. I'm just asking the questions, I don't know the answers.

What I do know is this beats the hell out of e-mail or text messaging. Don't even get me started on letter-writing or Christmas card-writing - two forms of interpersonal communication that I haven't even attempted in years! As long as Blogger continues to function - at some level - I'll continue to offer up trivialities and trifles.


Blogger Pops said...

"Closet exhibitionist"? I don't think there's anything "closet" about it anymore. We're out there. They're watching.

11:20 AM  
Blogger HappyFunBall said...

I followed the link from Pop's Bucket, where you compared Matthew McConaughey to rat turds in your breakfast cereal box. Oh, yes, you DID. As long as you continue to do this, I'll be reading.

1:31 PM  
Blogger kimbabalu said...

HFB - we must be psychically linked or some such psycho-babble-shit because earlier today i followed a link from Pop's to your site. Hilarity ensued. I'll be back.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Pops said...

You're both welcome. Please, go on ignoring me and talk amongst yourselves. Yeesh.

11:58 AM  
Blogger HappyFunBall said...

Oh, uh ... are you still here?

Anyway, as I was saying ...

2:47 PM  

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