Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Be All You Can Be...

...subtitled: The Diary Entry Detailing the Morning From Hell

1. Late for work... CHECK!

2. Wait in line behind the only guy on the fucking planet who writes a check for $3.88 for a bagel and coffee... CHECK!

3. Greeted by Roach-zilla upon unlocking office...CHECK!

4. Scream like a sissy and spill coffee on self while running away from Roach-zilla...CHECK!

5. Find co-worker with cahones big enough to step on said sasquatch-like insectoid (thanks Shirley!)...CHECK!

6. Use up the last of the Lysol disinfecting everything in my office that might have been touched by Roach-zilla...CHECK!

7. Am told by HVAC contractors that everything "of value" in my office must be removed by tomorrow morning so they can make big holes in my ceiling...CHECK!

...fuck the ARMY, I get more accomplished by 9:00 am than they do!


Blogger Hannah Gerber said...

I have equal amounts of sympathy ( being terrified of roaches myself)and amusement going out your way today....thanks for making me both want to rescue you AND laugh at you at the same time.

11:58 AM  

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