Friday, May 20, 2005

Freaky Friday #1

Since I'm a lazy little twat who can't be bothered to write anything original on a Friday I've started the first of many "Freaky Friday" posts in which I troll the internet for freakishly weird happenings around the globe.

Note to self: Leave the vibrating panties at home! I never want my 15 minutes of fame to be because my Pleather Panties of Pleasure knocked me senseless in the middle of the frozen food isle.

Following the panties debacle, I found this story about a mobile phone thief with a rather unique escape plan. According to the story, however, hiding a stolen mobile phone up your coochie is not as unique as one would think. Which makes me wonder... why did I just spend $20 bucks on a new wallet when I could just stuff all my credit cards up my ass and keep my checkbook up my twat?

OK, I can't be the only one bothered by this Silver Ring Thing being touted by some evangelicals (oh - right, they're not just right-wing Christian loonies, they added some secular bullshit so they could keep getting funded by George W and his cronies ON MY DIME). I find them mucho creepy.

I do, however, covet mightily this SRT water bottle - maybe it's just the pedophil-icious picture they have advertising its wonderful dick-dousing effects....


Blogger Hannah Gerber said...

I dont see the SRT water bottle photo as so much pedophilia-dick-dousing but more of a pissing on the handicapped thing.
Which kinda gets MY dick hard actually...

(I wont even tell you what effect images of your credit card storage idea did to my already semi swollen member.)

11:59 AM  
Blogger Pops said...

Easily the filthiest thing I've ever read, ever. But then, I was raised by wild hermaphrodite mules.

11:49 PM  

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