Thursday, June 23, 2005

I Like the Night Life, I Like to Boogie...

Halloween 04
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...and so it's time to start thinking about this year's Halloween costume!

I know it's early but I like to be prepared - besides the Halloween Party that The Man and I go to is pretty cut-throat. People start making (yes, I said "making" as in needle, thread, hot glue, papier-mache mock-ups of the White House - the works!)their costumes months in advance for this thing! Of course, when you go to a Halloween party where most of the guests are drag queens you're bound to see some pretty spectacular costumes...

Last year I met a guy who was dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the East - he looked exactly like her right down to the warty nose! He painted himself green and made his own nose, people!!! He even made a broom because he didn't think any of the store-bought brooms looked authentic enough! Now that's dedication to one's art!

So last year I went as the battered housewife - complete with a black eye, a baby attached to my leg, a stomach that made me look about 12 months pregnant, and a pack of smokes in my bra. Now I have to come up with something to top that. It has to be good - but not too good otherwise some of the pissier drag queens will pull my hair and stomp on my feet with their stilleto heels. Ouch!

Any ideas?


Blogger The Cybrarian said...

I'm so impressed by people who can get it together for Halloween. I always have grand plans but put off the planning and end up being something from the leftover rack at the party store. Hmm... murderous bride, with wedding gown and fake blood? Wonder how many Michael Jacksons will be in San Franisco this year...

9:46 PM  
Blogger SJ said...

You shouldn't be Michael Jackson. You should be "His accuser." Come up with a way to pixelate your face, you know,with a big fuzzy dot over your face.

2:44 PM  

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