Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You Oughta Know...

...that you're a has-been so don't charge me $75 for a ticket!

I used to really dig Alanis. I loved Jagged Little Pill, I got a perverse kick out of her playing God in Dogma, and I enjoyed Under Rug Swept (not as great as JLP, but what is?), and was pretty neutral towards So-Called Chaos. Her slide into mediocrity happened pretty gradually but now, at least to me, she is firmly entrenched in the has-been rocker category.

To mark the 10th anniversary of JLP she's putting out a "new" album full of her old songs. But get this - they're all acoustic! Wow! How original! How bleeding edge! Really, how many acoustic / unplugged versions of her old shit can she expect us swallow? Isn't there a statute of limitations on re-releasing your old songs? If there isn't there should be.

Meh. Maybe this is just a sign that I'm getting old and curmudgeonly. Maybe these darn kids today really like acoustic versions of old crap.


Blogger Pops said...

That's such a relief. You know there was a period of time right after Jagged Little Pill came out that if you were a straight man you were NOT ALLOWED TO SAY that you disliked that album or Alanis Morrissette in ANY WAY. Any displeasure uttered in that direction meant you hated women and all the women around you would hate you right back.

Now that I know chicks are as indifferent to her shit as I am, I can point out that all that vocal hiccupping and growling and affected nasal howling is and always has been fucking annoying, ESPECIALLY since when I've seen her actually sing she has a nice voice.

Man, that was fun.

11:04 AM  

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