Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Springtime for Hitler!

Alas! Only Mel Brooks has the ability to make the Holocaust funny. I, on the other hand, am lucky if I can make it through this semester without stabbing my eyes out in despair. (editor's note: the writer of this blog has been known to exaggerate in order to get a few pathetic laughs -so don't start sending me those icepicks yet.)

Seriously, though if you haven't read the following books - and you are not taking any unauthorized anti-depressants - I highly recommend them to you. No study of the Holocaust would be complete without them:

Anything (start with Survival in Auschwitz) by Primo Levi
Night by Eli Weisel
Mendelssohn Is on the Roof by Jiri Weil
The Last of the Just by Andre Schwarz-Bart
The Sunflower by Simon Weisenthal
The Journey by Ida Fink
Jacob the Liar by Jurek Becker (the book - NOT the movie)
...and any poetry by Paul Celan, Dan Pagis, Nelly Sachs, Miklos Radnoti, or, of course, Primo Levi.

Read, discuss amongst yourselves, and write 5 page response papers to turn in to me by Monday.


Blogger Kim said...

oh damn, and here I sit with a broken pencil...

7:56 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

love the new look btw.

6:55 AM  

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