Monday, January 16, 2006

I am THAT woman...

The woman wandering through the grocery store bleary-eyed and with a look of utter defeat on her face.

The woman with a screaming toddler leaking snot in a foot-long string from his nose to the shopping cart handle.

The woman who absent-mindedly hands her kid a plastic bowl of mangoes to stop the whining (oh, the WHINING!) -- most of which end up decorating said snot-covered shopping cart handle or littered across the frozen food aisle.

The woman who comforts her son by clasping him to her breast and humming a lullabye in the middle of the frozen food aisle only to find that when the pathetic snuffling ends she's left with a Picasso-like snot and booger painting on her shirt.

The woman who is heard screaming the following litany in the parking lot (all the while trying to strap 40 lbs of angry toddler into a Cheerio-encrusted carseat): "STUFF IT IN THE HAPPY BOX!"


Blogger Hannah Gerber said...

you poor girl! remember your not alone!
we had face down on the floor, fully stretched out limbs at the playscape at toys 'r' us, one at the stonebriar merry-go-round, two at foley's and one at a sushi bar. today.

4:35 PM  

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