Friday, January 06, 2006

Searching for...

... the best way to begin this post and failing miserably. This happens when I try to write research papers, too. Usually, I sit and stare at the computer while drinking copious amounts of wine and waiting for a brilliant idea to hit me upside the head (or at least something that SEEMS brilliant after all that wine).

Since I'm still at work I don't have the obligatory glass of wine in my hand -- just a Reese's pb cup which I'm finding to be an incredibly poor substitute for alcohol. I mean, really, how witty and urbane can you think yourself if you're forced to wipe chocolate and peanut butter off your keyboard??? Oh well.

This weekend (if I get off my lazy ass) I'm going to finish my Barbie photo essay. Then I'll see if I can get one or more of them into this new gallery one of my old profs is opening. Cross your fingers for me.


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